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Wafer Level Non Conductive Film (With BG/T Type,With DC/T type) (WL-NCF) (Under Development)

The wafer level non conductive film (NCF) is a film type underfill material for flip chip mounting and TSV die stacking.

The wafer level NCF is suitable for flip chip mounting and TSV stacking with very narrow gaps and bump pitch. To reduce the customer’s processes, the wafer level NCF is combined with back-grinding tape or dicing tape (2 in 1 structure). Thin wafers can be safely handled without any damage because the NCF is laminated with wafer level.
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  • 2 in 1 design with dicing tape or back-grinding tape.
  • Excellent connection in narrow-gap or fine pitch bump.
  • Void-free technology.
  • Excellent pick-up performance.
  • Uniform embedding for bump.
  • Viscosity can be controlled in accordance with the bonding process.



  • Dicing process for TSV wafer.
  • Back-grinding process for bumped wafer.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours(Turkey time)08:00-17:30(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

  • TEL +90-212-886 90 40
  • FAX +90-212-886 90 48

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