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Waterproof Joints NF-500

This material is for insulating electrical cord/wire harness junctions. It offers many years of performance and reiliability.

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  • Excellent adhesion to roughened surfaces and electrical cords. 
  • Flame-retardant (oxygen index 29.0)




Product No. Color Thickness [mm] Dielectric strength (kv/min) Volume resistivity (Ω・cm)
NF-500 Black 1.7 5.0 and more 8×10^13
  • * Measurements provided here are measurement value examples and are not guaranteed.

Contact Us

Customer Support Center

Business Hours (Turkey time)08:00-17:30(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

  • TEL +90-212-886 90 40
  • FAX +90-212-886 90 48
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