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Double Sided Tape with a Special Foam Body Carrier, Featuring Excellent Adhesion and Holding Strength to Substrates No.575

Double sided adhesive tape with strong holding properties. No.575 double sided adhesive tape consists of flexible special foam carrier coated with strong pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. Exhibits excellent performance in holding objects.

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  • Uses foam base material for tight adherence to the substrate.
  • Foam carrier material contributes to superior holding power.
  • Widely used for fixing household hangers and mounting various types of hanger boards.



Thickness [mm] 1.2
180°peeling strength [N/20mm] 22.7
Carrier material Polyolefin foam


  • * Measured by peeling in a 180° direction at a speed of 300 mm/min at 23℃ with 0.025 mm PET lining.
  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


  • Fixing of various types of household hangers and mounting hanger boards.
  • Mounting small electric parts.
  • Fixing of nameplates.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours(India time)08:30-17:00(Except for Second Sat of each month, Sun, and Holidays)

  • TEL+91-124-4221604
  • FAX+91-124-4221605

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