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Vinyl adhesive tapes No.2117FRTV

For bundling wire harnesses.(Thin thickness & light weight type)

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  • Flammability type.
  • It's easy to tear by hands, and good workability.
  • The tapes are with good performance of wrapping and firmness.
  • The ingredient of heavy metal comply with the directive of RoHS and ELV.
  • The material which can suppress the content of VOC become low is used.
  • The plasticizer of phthalic ester as DINP to be used.



Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [m] Color
0.07 19,25,30 35 Dark Grey
*For other sizes, please contact us.


Property Unit No.2117FRTV
Thickness [mm] 0.075
Adhesive strength (to stainless steel plate) [N/19mm] 1.91
Tensile strength 25.5
Elongation [%] 166

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Business Hours (WET) 8:00h-17:00h (Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

  • TEL +32-89-360111
  • FAX +32-89-362242
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